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Listen to what patients say about the Lexington Dentist, Dr. David Brother

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What other dentists say about Dr. Brother

Seven years ago Dr. Brother restored my teeth with tooth colored inlays and crowns. My teeth and bite have never felt or looked better.
David Wyman DMD, Arlington
Dr. Brother has been my own personal dentist for over seven years. He is a really good dentist, I don’t say that about everybody.
Jeffrey Kravitz DDS, Wakefield
Some time ago, when I was in dental school, I sent my wife and mother-in-law to Dr. Brother for cosmetic dental care. Years later they are still happy with the result.
Sal Zamitti DMD, Orthodontist in Marlboro

What dental patients say about Dr. Brother's work

lexington dentist testimonial Kevin's makeover story
Dr. Brother is the ultimate professional; he is so good at what he does. I want to thank him for the huge change in my life.
Kevin M.

Kevin’s smile before

lexington dentist testimonial Lauren's makeover story
I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I do know that I will be much more confident with my new smile. Thank you Dr. Brother!
Lauren M.

Lauren’s smile before

I didn’t realize it was possible to save my teeth, let alone create a smile better than I dreamed I could have. Thanks Dr. Brother.
Leon F.

Leon’s smile before

I waited a long time to have my smile made over. I was ecstatic with my veneers and white inlays all done in just two visits! It was like a miracle. When my cousin saw my new smile, she was so impressed she decided she wanted a new smile too.
Kelly R.

Kelly’s smile before

As an actor, I am aware that having that million dollar smile is such a great asset. My teeth were short and my gums really showed when I smiled. Doctor Brother created that smile for me through crowns, veneers, and gum work. Now I am much more confident, not only in auditions, but also in life. Thanks Dr. Brother!
Joe S.

Joe’s smile before

If I only knew my smile could look this good, I would have done the works years before.
Pak N.

Pak’s smile before

I grew up in Kenya where many children had teeth damaged like mine. When I came to this country, I made fixing my teeth a goal. Before Dr. Brother fixed my teeth I never liked to smile, now I smile all the time.
Bernard K.

Bernard’s smile before

Dr. Brother, you have totally changed the way I think about what it means to go to the dentist.
Lisa B.

Lisa's smile before

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