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Dr. David Brother, DMD

Dr. Brother was born and raised in the metro Boston area. He received his pre-doctoral education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In addition to being a pre-dental major, he minored in psychology and theater. His claim to fame was having performed in a school play at UMass with Richard Gere. Dr. Brother's doctoral training was completed in 1973 at the University of Pennsylvania, which is rated one of the top five dental schools in the country.

Upon graduating, Dr. Brother returned to Massachusetts where he has practiced general dentistry for more than thirty years. He owned and managed a large multi-specialty practice with 18 employees. After three decades, Dr. Brother elected to sell his large practice to build Smiles By Design, where he is able to provide a more personal service to a select number of patients and their families. This ultra modern office and the services offered represent the culmination of a ten-year dream.

Always the student, Dr. Brother has accumulated thousands of hours of continuing education. Most recently, he was awarded a certificate in dental implantology from NYU School of Dental Medicine after an intensive two year course of study. While there is presently no recognized specialty in implant dentistry, Dr. Brother is one of the few select general dentists to have received dental school education in both surgical placement and restoration of dental implants.

Over twenty years ago, Dr. Brother completed a two and one-half year, weekend program in orthodontics. He has integrated traditional orthodontics in his practice since that time and has also added Invisalign as an option for his patients. Dr. Brother was among the first dentists to embrace bonding as a means of repairing fractured front teeth back when the first system used an ultraviolet light to harden recently developed composite resin (white) filling materials. Plastic composite resins have kept improving and are now the standard cosmetic filling all dentists use today. These materials are still very technique sensitive, so it is important to choose a dentist, such as Dr. Brother, who is experienced in using them to create a healthy tooth environment and a natural tooth appearance.

With the advent in the last fifteen years of bonding adhesives, allowing dentists to bond under the surface enamel in the area called the dentin, the age of bonded cosmetic dentistry arrived with Dr. Brother as a major proponent. At about the same time, the first all ceramic glass facings called porcelain veneers were developed. These tooth contoured and colored tiny pieces of ceramic could be attached or bonded to the underlying tooth with minimal drilling of the natural tooth. Now the length and color, as well as straightness of teeth, can be modified long term in as little as two visits.

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A word about Dr. Brother

He hosted and presented continuing education in his office for members of the New England Chapter of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry on preparation and placement of porcelain veneers. He has also lectured to dentists on placement of tooth colored inlays on back teeth, as well as conscious sedation at both Harvard and NYU dental schools. A former instructor at Tufts Dental School, Dr. Brother is currently on the faculty of Harvard Dental School.

Intrigued with three dimensional form, Dr. Brother is a sculptor by hobby. Transferring his sense of form and color, he utilizes his in-office lab to make ceramic restorations to control the creative process of many of his restorations. Dr. Brother is married and has two grown children, Noah and Nicole. His wife Gail works part-time with him in the office. He enjoys outdoor sports, classic Corvettes, and all things of beauty in nature.

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