Preventive Dentistry Services

Dental StationWhile teeth may be healthy, mother nature does not always provide us with teeth that are straight, attractively shaped, or even white enough. Moreover, these unattractive aspects can develop or worsen over time as we age. Cosmetic dentistry, therefore, can often involve altering healthy teeth and their surrounding gum tissues. The challenge is to achieve the goals of the patient using the least invasive approach possible.

At David Brother, DMD, we believe that routine cleanings and examinations are the best defense against dental disease. Dr. Brother cleans and examines his patients' teeth, affording our patients the utmost time for communication during their hygiene visit. "I like that there is time to converse with patients about their lives, as well as the condition of their mouths during routine dental cleanings," says Dr. Brother. Dr. Brother not only checks his patients for dental decay and periodontal (gum) disease, but he also regularly checks for any signs of oral cancer.

Children also love coming to David Brother, DMD. They can never walk by our office without peering in for a better view of our whimsical furniture, artwork and lighting. Although the office décor is adult in nature, both adults and children enjoy items such as the red lips couch, airplane and bug lighting, as well as a funny face with a large mirror in the center, just to mention a few. It is not unusual to be giving a tour of our office to someone who was passing by and couldn't help but come in the door.

Preventative services and products available in our office include:

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