Dental Micro Abrasion

Micro Abrasion

Micro Abrasion

Surface discoloration on the enamel surface of teeth has become a common appearance-related problem. A common cause is over-fluoridation resulting in a condition called enamel mottling. There can also be decalcification around orthodontic brackets and bands, especially if the individual did not practice appropriate home health care.

This condition is typically confined to the surface enamel of a tooth, less than 1 millimeter in depth. If the discoloration is less than ½ the thickness of the enamel, it may be possible to "rub" the stain out using a paste that consists of a weak acid and a gritty pumice. Dr. Brother can carefully abrade the unsightly lesion.

After treatment, the tooth surface initially feels rough to the lip and tongue. By the next day, these surfaces recalcify from the calcium mineral that is present in saliva.

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