Patient Health and Safety

Our patients' health and safety is a major concern as described below in our use of digital x-rays, water quality and sterilization techniques:

Digital X-Rays

Dental ChartingS tation

Computers now play a big part in dental imaging as they have in medical imaging. Using a minimal x-ray exposure, compared to film x-rays, an electronic sensor registers an image of your teeth which is instantaneously captured by computers located in each treatment room. These images can be stored in your electronic computer record along with other pertinent medical, dental, and personal data. The image can be viewed instantly on the overhead TLC large screen monitor, where they can be magnified, highlighted, and suspect areas can be honed in on to better diagnose dental disease.

Water Quality

You may have seen an exposé on "60 Minutes" about bacterial build-up in dental water lines and water "retraction" back into drills. You may have also heard about a recent report that lists the Boston area water amongst the poorest quality in the nation. Well you can relax. Our ultra modern facility is not only equipped with new anti retraction delivery systems, but water to each dental treatment room is filtered to allow only the purest water to be used within the mouth ( The water in our office has been carefully analyzed by Loma Linda University for purity and absence of bacteria.


Proper sterilization requires a protocol that is followed for each and every patient. All drills and instruments are stored and sterilized in individual cassettes. Except when in use, the instruments never need to be touched by human hands. Used instruments stay with their cassette which are then ultrasonically cleaned and subsequently sterilized with pressurized steam and heat. Our state of the art "Steri Center" seen through our glass blocked alcove has been ergonomically designed for efficiency and safety.

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